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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No More Peaches


It's peach time again, Lord. I remember last year I was sooooo excited over my little peach tree. It was four years old and was loaded with it's first crop of peaches. They were gorgeous. And delicious. Succulent. I was thrilled with them. The entire family enjoyed eating them.

Well, this year's a different story. My peach tree is still gorgeous. It's green and lush. It's branches were loaded with peaches, too. But as soon as they started plumping up I knew something was terribly wrong. I don't know exactly which varmint is to blame, but some type of insect or fungus invaded my tree and ruined every single peach. All of them. Those tiny dark spots are like worm holes that bore down inside the fruit. When I cut a peach open the insides that should be firm and sweet and juicy are mushy and rotted.

We won't be enjoying a single peach from my little tree this year. I can't see the culprit, but I can sure see the results of its insidious work.

What a waste. What a terrible waste.


Oh, I've seen this kind of thing before, Little One. Millions of times.
Some little sin--some insignificant habit or practice--hovers and lands on a life that looks lush and healthy. That little sin lays its evil eggs in that life. And tucked away out of view those eggs grow and hatch and destroy.

Outside everything looks peachy. But inside is putrid decay.

If only you had recognized the problem with your tree the moment it first started you could have destroyed it before it destroyed your fruit. If only you had been informed and aware of the danger you could have avoided it, prevented it from ever happening to your peaches in the first place.

If only Christians could recognize how destructive those little "harmless" sins are. If only they would heed the warnings in My Word about those little things that can come between them and Me, they could prevent the rotting and decay of sin in their lives.

What a waste. What a terrible waste.