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Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday: Changing One Heart


Our President, Mr. Obama, won the election last year by riding the waves of change, Lord. Americans wanted changes in our government and changes in our lives. So, Mr. Obama and his party capitalized on that and promised change.

Now, Lord, I join many others to ask You to work change in President Obama's heart. I ask You to change the minds of Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate and House committees who approve or disapprove the Supreme Court nominees, too. And, Lord, make sweeping changes in the hearts of all our leaders who do not value the fragile lives of our most helpless Americans.

I pray You'll take a giant breath and blow it across Washington, DC and into every nook and cranny of the good old USA, Lord. Blow your breath of change across our lives.

Lord, I pray You'll rescue millions of babies not yet born. I pray you'll save their lives, Lord, and use their lives for Your glory.

I pray You'll breathe change into the halls of our government, and into the houses and job sites of us ordinary Americans, Lord. I pray we'll change the way we see our entitlement to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with whom we want. I pray we'll see that life is not all about "ME." I pray we'll change, and live our lives for Your glory, Your sake, Your plans--not our own egocentric gratification.


If two or more of you are agreed on earth and bring that agreement to me in prayer I will listen, I will act, I will answer your prayers.

You can count on it, Little One.