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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Healing and Hope


Dear Father,

Yesterday I received several critical prayer requests from people. I know that You already know about them. I know that You are aware of how desperate those needs are and that You are in control of these situations. I know You have the answer that is best for these people, the answer that will bring glory to You, already prepared.

And I know You will send that answer in Your time in Your way.

I promised these people I'd lift them up in prayer. So, I want to be faithful to that promise, Lord. So many times people ask us to pray for them. We say we will. Then, a day or two later we forget.

I'm overwhelmingly glad that You never forget a single need.

Now, Lord, I'm just reminding You of these folks and their needs. And I'm asking You to do Your will in their lives and to use these circumstances to draw people to Yourself.

M.B. is desperately sick, Lord. It's the same mysterious illness that hit her 2 or 3 years ago. It nearly claimed her life then, and now, she is once again crumpling under this illness. Lord, be glorified in her life.

L.M. is also desperately ill. After a successful liver transplant it appears that her body is rejecting its own organs. Her body systems are failing and her life hangs by a delicate thread. How comforting to know that You are holding onto that thread, Lord. Use this illness to draw her and her children closer to You.

F. is fighting cancer. Up to this point he hasn't really wanted to fight it. But You seem to be turning his heart; he seems to be willing now to cooperate with his doctors and try to defeat this deadly foe.

C.G. has many problems related to diabetes. Surgeons are trying to help. Lord, give them wisdom and skill to know how to undo some of the damage this disease has done to C.G.'s body, please.

P.P. isn't fighting for her life. Her disease is relatively minor compared to the others. But it's painful. Lord, ease the pain, please. And Father, help P.P. to see that we love her and want to help her at this time. Soften up her heart, please, so she'll let us in.

Whatever the needs I know You are enough to meet them, Jesus. Be glorified in these situations.


I will breathe healing into their lives, Little One. And I will breathe hope into their hearts. Hope for health. Hope for eternity, too.