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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good, Better, Best


For the past week each time I pull into or out of our driveway I think, "Boy! I need to give that rosebush a haircut!" So, Monday in the cool of the evening I whacked away at that unruly bush.

The tea roses it bears are lovely and fragrant. And trimming it back makes it produce even more blooms. But that bush is so contented on that knoll in our front yard that it grows without restraint. The canes completely cover the trellis, then keep on growing until they reach 12 or 15 feet in length. Then the bush really does resemble the worst case of bed-head you've ever seen--only green.

I'm amazed at how fast it happens, too. One day the bush is neatly trimmed, popping with pink blooms. The next day, it seems, it is hopelessly out-of-control.

I really need to trim that bush back regularly, faithfully, instead of waiting until it turns into Bush-zilla!

It's something like certain aspects of my life, Lord. One day I say yes to a good cause or a ministry I support, and the next day, it seems, my time and involvement are totally out-of-control.

I am such a slow learner.

Help me, Lord, to keep my commitments. But more importantly, help me to examine and re-examine my priorities regularly, faithfully, instead of waiting until I'm being eaten alive by my commitments.


They are all good things, you know. The things you're doing and the ministries you're helping. They are all good. They all need help. They all need faithful volunteers.

But I don't want just what's good for your life, Little One. I want what's best. And that means doing what I've called and equipped you to do.

That means regularly, faithfully making your choices based on My mission for your life. Regularly, faithfully making sure you're doing what is My best for you. Then trusting Me to provide the energy and time to do it well.