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Friday, July 24, 2009

God's Perfect Will


I was reading Nehemiah a couple of days ago, Lord. It's a book with lots of lists of people, but it's also about team work, and about leadership, and about Your intervention on behalf of the Jewish people who were doing the work You had called them to do.

You took a giant step into the picture when opposition came to their accomplishing Your plan. Once again, You stirred the heart of a godless king to accomplish Your will.

In chapter 13 Nehemiah makes reference to a story recorded in Numbers 22 & 23. The story of Balaam being hired by a godless leader to curse the Jewish people. Again, You stepped into the story and stopped Balaam in his tracks when his donkey spoke to him. I remember that story from Sunday School as a young child.

Back to Numbers 13, a short interjection captures my attention. "However, our God turned the curse into a blessing."

I've spent a lot of time thinking about that scenario this week.

I've had a question something like, "Do you believe everything that happens to us is God's will?" posed to me several times by different people.

What do I believe about Your "will?"

I believe You have a perfect will, a plan, a path for my life to follow. But I also believe that I'm rebellious, stubborn, and rather stupid as a rule. (Hmmm, something like a donkey is often characterized!) So, I take wrong turns. I make wrong choices. I ignore warnings and break speed limits and zip right through stop signs.

That's where Your marvelous, intricate, permissive will comes in. Like a wise parent You permit me to make my own mistakes. You permit me to beat my head against a wall, or walk in the slimy mire beside my road if I choose. But, You are so creative, so intelligent, so omni-sighted (is that a word?) that You not only forgive my wrong turns when I repent of them and ask for Your forgiveness, You actually merge them into Your perfect path for me. You turn those rebellious side-roads and narrow alleys into good things. You bring me through those wrong turns right back onto Your perfect path.

And, what is even more amazing to me, You redeem those things if I'll let you! You waste nothing. You take all the mud and slime I get myself into and transform it so that good and beauty comes out of it.

I'm sure I'm not explaining this well, Lord. Your abilities are so complex, so magnificent, so over-ruling, over-riding, and over-whelming that I can't explain them.

You take the mess I make of my life (over and over again) and recycle it into a beautiful highway.


Nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing is impossible with Me. I can make the greatest tragedies of your life become the seeds of joy, hope, faith, courage, love, trust, respect, humility, peace, beauty and so much more, Little One.

Put down that map you're clinging to.

Turn off that GPS in your head.

Give Me your hand, your heart, your head.

Follow Me.