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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God Making a Spectacle of Himself


I remember some of the prayers I've prayed for years before You answered them, Lord. And I remember some people for whom I prayed for many years before You made dramatic changes in their lives. Time after time, year after year, I prayed the same petitions over and over. I said the same words again and again.

Then, in Your good timing, I'd see a change, an upheaval, a resolution to a problem "suddenly" happen. Not so, Lord. Those changes didn't happen "suddenly." They just appeared that way to me because I can only see what is before my eyes; I can only see the present moment.

Like an underground river forcing its way through the cracks and crevices of an aquifer Your answers, Your plans, were flowing just beneath the surface all the while I was praying. I simply could not see the changes until they erupted through the surface like a geyser.

But the changes were there, waiting for Your time and place to break loose in that particular situation or that person's life.

Lord, thank You that You are always working. You are always busy, always flowing beneath the surface in our lives waiting for the conditions to be right, for the opportunities and details to be in place, so that You can break loose in our lives.


Don't loose hope, Little One, when its seems you've been praying for someone or something forever. I'm never sitting around twiddling My thumbs or wringing My hands--honestly. I'm busy putting all the puzzle pieces together, lining up all the factors, preparing all the hearts so that I can gush through the lives of the people you love and pray for.

That's what I'm eager to do--break loose and gush my love and mercy and grace all over people's lives. I want to drench their lives like a geyser spraying them with blessings. To put My glory on display, Little One. To make a spectacle of Myself in your lives--a spectacle to grab others' attention and draw them to Myself.

I want to do that in your life, too. Wait and watch. You'll see.