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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finding Joy In Small Blessings


Sunday was a day of blessings. Small as compared with life-changing, miracle-sized blessings. But blessings, heart-changing blessings from You, nonetheless.

I woke up and had sufficient strength and health to get out of bed and go to church. That's a huge gift when I remember that many people can't enjoy that privilege.

I spent the morning with a circle of friends who shared their time and their insights and their lives with me. Another huge blessing.

I heard a wonderful sermon on Your Word being a lamp to my feet and a light for my path in life. The word for lamp refers to a little clay oil lamp about the size of my hand. It had a single wick and gave just enough light to see the next step of the journey. And so it is with Your Word, Lord. It gives me light for the next step in my journey with You. Help me to trust that lamp and step confidently into the small circle of light it offers.

I spent the afternoon in quiet working on various projects that I enjoy. It was a time of rest and relaxation. Thank you for rest that refuels my body, my spirit, and my soul.

I spent some time with J. sharing ice cream and conversation. I talked with my sister, T. and I spoke with several sweet friends about a little of this and that. It was good to laugh and hug and chat.
Our daughter, T. called several times to ask a tiny favor. Her voice is always like music to me. I'm so glad she's not only my daughter, she's my friend. What a huge blessing that is, Lord!
Our son, D. called me just to say, "I love you." It doesn't get any better than that, Lord.

Thank You for these small blessings. Thank You for the sparkle these little jewels add to my life day by day.


Small blessings piled one upon another make for a joyous life, Little One. Keep on finding joy in those little daily things like ice cream and laughter.

They are the stuff friendships are made of.