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Friday, July 17, 2009

Broken People, Splintered Lives


I'm on my knees again, Lord, for my friend. She's struggling. Her emotions are being yanked around by the other half of a really dysfunctional relationship. You know, Lord. Impaired. Abnormal. Unhealthy. Shattered. A relationship where two broken people are trying to make one whole marriage.

It doesn't work, does it, Lord?

Two people broken, wounded, trapped by their own sinful life styles cannot equal one whole, healthy marriage.

Not without Your stepping into the situation and making the circle complete. Both of them need to surrender their lives to You, Jesus. Both of them need to surrender their wills, their plans, their injuries, their self-driven motives to You.

I can listen and I can hurt with her. But only You can fix it because only You can fix them.

Lord, I ask You not to give up on them yet. I pray that when they hit bottom both of them will look up into Your face.


So broken. Your world and most of the people in it are so broken trying to live their splintered lives. They don't need repairing. They don't need remodeling. They need total healing. And that healing is found only in trusting Jesus as Savior, then flinging the shards of their lives at His feet.

He IS the fix. He IS the healing. He IS the wholeness they need.