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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Wonderful Week


I'm late. I failed to post this in time to have Feedburner zip it off to the people on my e-list. Shucks. I do want to thank you, Lord, for the wonderful week I'm having. That's silly. Every week, every day You give to us should be wonderful. So, why do we have to label them as "good" or "bad" days and weeks? I guess I mean this has been a quiet week, a calm week, a week with no recognizable tragedies for our little family. It's been a productive week. I'm pecking away at this computer trying to hack out the first draft of the book I've been writing for such a loooooong time. It's coming together at last. Thank You, Lord.

I do want to see this project through to the end. And oh, how I'd love to see it in print eventually. I keep telling myself it probably isn't going to happen; that this is my learning novel. But, I can't help but be hopeful and optimistic about it, Lord. I guess I'm a born-again optimist.

I used to be a born-pessimist, I think. I tended to zero in on the negative about events and some people, too. But somewhere along my life's journey You turned my heart inside-out and I can't help but see the good that is floating just beneath the surface. And I like it like that.

Life is so much more tolerable-even enjoyable-when I don't focus my head and my heart on the negative. When I expect people to respond positively to kindness and praise, and when I expect things to turn out for our good, life is more palatable. Shucks! It's even pleasurable.


I'm glad to give you a few days where your life is smooth sailing, Little One. Those days don't usually stretch out into long periods of time, do they? That's because of the Prince of this World. You know who he is-Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Devil, that old serpent.

He pretty much has free reign on your home planet right now. But his cruel reign will end soon. And then, the Prince of Peace will crush the serpent's head and I will reclaim Earth, purify it, and make it all Mine once again.

That will be a good day, indeed.