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Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday - One Heart


Lord, it's week #19 of our agreement to pray for President Obama's heart to change regarding abortion. Do I see a huge change? No. But I don't have to see what You are doing to know that You are doing something. I know that You are answering our prayers to save the preborn in Your way, in Your time, for Your purposes.

Lord, Almighty God, Creator and Sustainer of life, turn President Obama's heart to favor the preborn children around us. Turn President Obama's heart to favor the men and women - the parents - that will be wounded if they have an abortion. Those would be parents don't realize it, but they are not only killing their own child, they are wounding themselves seriously. They will be scarred emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually by the heinous thing they do to their own child.

Lord, make President Obama realize that abortion stops a beating heart, kills a human being, and leaves 2 wounded adults in its wake.

Many of us think we can sin (whether that sin be abortion or any other immoral deed) and just go on with life as usual. Your Word tells us that we can't. We can't just pretend we haven't sinned against You and others. The guilt, the fear, the remorse, the grief, the shame of what we do WILL eventually catch up with us and cause us grave problems.

Lord, change President Obama's heart. Protect the preborn and their parents for Jesus' sake.


For their sake, Little One? For the parents who think their only reasonable option is to end the life of their preborn child? For the parents who consider their own offspring to be a blob of tissue? For the preborn babes who will spend all of eternity cuddled in My arms?

Or for MY sake? Remember, Little One, all sin is ultimately against Me. All sin ultimately offends Me and My holiness. All sin is incompatible with this pure and holy God. It can't be avoided completely. But it can be forgiven completely.

Through the blood of Jesus, My Son.