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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday - One Heart Prayer


It's Monday, Lord. Time again for those of us who agreed to do so to pray for One Heart - President Obama's - to change toward abortion. The face of our government seems to be all smiles and cordiality lately to me, Lord. But a politically correct smile doesn't mean that a heart has changed. Whether that heart belongs to an "important" public figure, or to an obscure "nobody" like me, just putting on a polished demeanor or a friendly smile doesn't mean the heart is kind, or good, or right.

Lord, I pray You will step into the American scene with great power and might. I pray Your Holy Spirit will change those in the White House and in Congress and on the Supreme Court so that they see that abortion kills an innocent baby and emotionally (and sometimes physically) damages a woman and a relationship. Lord, help them to see that every person is precious in Your sight regardless of their location (in the womb or outside it).

Lord, work miraculous, heart-changing things in the lives of government officials. Turn their hearts toward the pre-born.


Why should I limit it to a few government officials? The hearts of an entire generation-two or three generations-now living in America need to turn. They need to turn their backs on their own self-centered, comfort-seeking, convenience-driven, consumer-oriented philosophies of life and family. I'm working on it, Little One.

Keep on praying and speaking up for your youngest, most fragile victims.