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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let Me Do The Talking


Lord, I'm grateful for what You did Sunday morning. It probably wasn't an exceptional event to the others around me, but Sunday morning was a huge thing to me. I've been leading a series of lessons on grace (Just the sound of that word is beautiful to me, Lord.) in our women's Bible study. You know, Lord, I study and prepare all week. I pray for the lesson and the ladies and for myself. And I always enjoy the discussions and questions.

But sometimes it is much more difficult to pull the lesson together than at other times. You know I 'm a list maker, Lord. I like to organize the class time by activities and organize what I'm going to say to elicit responses and discussions from them. I love to have everything all planned out in advance. [No control issues here :-) ]

Sometimes it is more difficult to deliver the material than at others.

Anyway (I'm rambling! When did I become a rambler?) Sunday the lesson went so smoothly. The timing was right. The ladies were listening and responding. I didn't have to mentally search for what I was going to say next. It all happened so effortlessly during that hour and a half. It all felt so natural. And that's a good feeling for a class leader, in my opinion, Lord. I didn't ramble. I covered all the material I planned to cover. I could read on the women's faces that they were following me, that the things I was saying were relevant to them and not just "sounding brass and tinkling cymbals."

Relevant. That is such an important thing to me, Lord. That the things we discuss and question in our class time are grounded solidly in Your Word, yet relevant to the women sitting in that room at that time.

You know I'm preparing a study for our church women's ministry, Lord. For the fall. I'm asking You to make those lessons come together like this one did, Lord. Help me to make my plans and my visuals, and my note pages. Help me to keep them simple and clear and relevant to a whole different set of women.



So, maybe this is how it feels to be a conduit. A pipe line. A vessel filled up with Me and My words for that moment. Let Me fill you every day, Little One. Every time you study. Every time you present.

Let My mind be in you as you study. Let My Spirit fill you as you pray. Let My creativity take control as you produce those visuals. And, when it's time to present, just stand there and open your mouth, and let Me do the talking.

It's liberating, isn't it?