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Monday, June 22, 2009



It's Monday. Lord, I'm joining with many other folks today praying for You to turn the tide in our country to favor life. I'm asking You to change President Obama's heart to save the lives of millions of pre-born babies.

I pray You'll also change the hearts of those who work with him and under him. I pray You'll intervene on behalf of the next generation and save their lives, Lord.

I pray You'll change the hearts of their mothers and their fathers to give the children the opportunity to live and breathe and grow up in loving, nurturing homes.

I pray You'll protect the babies, Lord, from the treachery of their own parents.

As the weeks become months, Lord, help me not to waver from my commitment to pray for President Obama every Monday. Lord, keep me faithful as You are faithful.


Faithful. Faithful to your promise. Faithful to your country. Faithful to the next generation. Faithful to Me and My Word and to your responsibilities as a Christian. That's a good thing, Little One.

Just remember that the answer to your prayers doesn't depend on your faithfulness, but on Mine. I am always faithful to hear, to listen, to save, to do what is in My perfect plan.