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Friday, June 26, 2009

Begging Crumbs at the Master's Table


I'm working on a project, Father. [I know, I know, another project!]

And, well, frankly, I'm in over my head. What was I thinking when I agreed to do this? Was that my overinflated ego saying "Yes! I'd love to tackle that?" I thought the project would be much simpler because I thought we could purchase some ready made tools to work with.

But those tools turned out to be inadequate for our needs. So, once again, I opened my mouth and said I could create new ones. What was I thinking?


I know exactly what you were thinking, Little One. You were thinking of the promise you made to Me several years ago. A promise to do a certain thing any time I give you the opportunity to do it. I believe your exact words were, "If you'll give me the opportunities I'll say yes, Lord."

Do you recall that conversation?


Yes, sir. I remember. So, that's why "yes" just popped out of my mouth, huh?


Uh-huh. I took you at your word, Little One.


Well, You are giving me the opportunity. And I've agreed to do this. And it's making me very aware of how much I need Your help in this realm. I need Your wisdom, Lord. I need Your knowledge and Your discernment. I need Your time management skills here, too.

I realize that I am just a helpless beggar seeking crumbs at the Master's table. Help me, Master, to do this for You and to do it well.