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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Answering Prayers For God's Glory


My friend, K., and I were praying together last night, like we do most every Monday night. (Oh, how I thank you for her!) Our list was long:

People with life-threatening illnesses - Lord, work healing in their bodies and their hearts in such a way that it brings glory to You and Your name.

People with families in crisis - Lord, show them how much they love and need each other. Show them how to heal their families. Satan wants to destroy every home he can. Lord, be victorious in the homes we prayed for last night.

People with financial difficulties - lost jobs, homes going into foreclosure, medical bills, repair bills for appliances and automobiles - Lord, be their Provider in amazing ways that will bring glory and praise to You and will strengthen their faith in You.

People with decisions to make - give them wisdom and courage, Father.

People grieving the deaths of those they love, and people watching folks they love suffer. Lord, be their comfort, their courage, their hope.

People serving in the military in dangerous places - Lord, surround them with hosts of angels. Bring them home safely and successfully to their families and friends.

Do it all for Jesus' sake and for Your great glory, Lord, that we will proclaim Your great name throughout the earth.


Thank you, Little One. It brings happiness to My ears and joy to My heart to hear you praying for My glory. To know you're seeking My will and My way for the people on your prayer lists. I get a little exasperated with people who think I'm some kind of vending machine of blessings or first cousin to Santa Claus. It brings Me great joy to answer the prayers of those who seek My plan, My wisdom, My will, My glory above their own desires.

I really, really want to answer prayers like that, Little One.