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Thursday, June 4, 2009



I'm looking at another term in this book I'm reading, Lord. (Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus)

It's the word, kavanah, which means intention or direction. According to the authors it relays the idea of being prfoundly aware that my prayers are directed toward YOU. Aware that I am speaking directly to You when I pray. It means that I should be always conscious of the fact that You are listening when I direct my heart toward heaven. You are not busy. You are not preoccupied. You are not away taking care of business. You are tuned in to my heart and mind each time I direct a thought toward You.

For a long time I had a little sticker on my computer. It says, "Each thought a prayer." I should find that and put it in a prominent place again. I need to be reminded, Lord, that each thought throughout my day should be such that I could send it up to You as a prayer. Each thought of mine IS in Your presence because You are in me and with me and around me each moment I breathe.

Paul says, "pray without ceasing." Is this what he means? That I am perpetually aware of Your presence and Your attention to not only my words, but my thoughts, dreams, hopes, sorrows.

Is this the reason observant Jews utter aloud at least 100 prayers blessing You each day? I need to get into that habit, Lord. If I can remind myself to speak to You with praise and blessings 100 times a day, think how that will revolutionize the way I think.

To have kavanah is to keep the passion in my prayers. If I am conscious that You are present and paying attention each time my heart utters a blessing or petition or request directed toward You my prayers will have much more meaning for me.

I think it was Warren Wiersby who said something like, "The purpose of prayer is not to have my will done in heaven, but to have heaven's will done in me."

To have kavanah, to be constantly aware of Your presence will not only change the way I see prayer, it will change me, Lord


Remember My words in the very last verse of the book of Matthew? "Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Surely, Little One, I am with you always-every breathing moment. I am always aware of you, your presence, with Me. You are always on My heart and mind. Am I always on yours?