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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Things Well


Jesus was an observant Jew. I never really thought about that before, Lord. Yes, Jesus was radical. Yes, Jesus openly declared Himself to be God and He openly challenged the mundane and unholy Jewish leaders. But Jesus was a good, reverent, respectful, practicing Jewish rabbi.

He chose to live as a traveling rabbi-a teacher. But He wasn't unique in that respect. According to Sitting At The Feet of Rabbi Jesus there were many men who did this. It was common for a man to be "called" by God to live the life of a traveling rabbi and to have a following of 10 or 12 disciples to whom he imparted his knowledge and demonstrated how to live out what he believed and taught. Jesus was one of many such rabbis.

It never occurred to me before that Jesus attended local synagogues not just so He would have an audience, but because He was a practicing, observant Jew.

Jesus chose a life of poverty because that is what all Jewish rabbis did.

Jesus lived with His chosen disciples day-in & day-out because that is the way all traveling rabbis mentored their disciples. They lived with them.

Jesus probably didn't wear a yarmulke (prayer cap) because that practice started long after He lived, died, & rose again. But He would have certainly worn phylacteries. (the little prayer boxes tied to the fore arm and/or forehead by leather straps) I've never seen one painting or sketch of Jesus wearing a leather phylactery on His arm or forehead.

And Jesus would have spoken a brief prayer of thanksgiving & blessing to You, Father, (a brakah) at least 100 times each & every day. He said so much more than is recorded in our New Testaments.

Jesus was Jewish. He would have been a pious, observant Jew, wouldn't He, Father?


Jesus did all things well, Little One. Whatever He did on this earth reflected His heavenly nature. His perfection. His purity. His power under control. His authority over the elements of the earth.

And He's still doing all things well today.