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Friday, June 19, 2009

Absolutely, Totally Perfect


It's been a wonderful week. A terrific week. A stupendous week, Lord. J. and O. spent the week with us. That also meant that M. and D.L. spent a lot of time with us (okay, actually, with their cousins who just happened to be with us) and it was fun and memorable and fulfilling to have them all playing under foot.

My kitchen didn't get mopped this week and other things went undone, too. But it didn't bother me at all. I planned on it, as a matter of fact, Lord, and that made the week much more relaxed and happy for me. Who cares about a messy kitchen floor when I can savor the happy and hilarious noises of these terrific grand children You gave to us?

You know, Lord, the week was wonderful for another reason, too. Over the weekend our son and all three grand children AND our daughter and her family were with us. We had a noisy, happy, crazy supper together. I enjoyed the privilege of preparing a big meal for them-a rare thing. And the wonderful privilege of watching and listening as all of them talked and laughed and joked and teased and played. I don't think anything makes me happier, Lord, than having them all here together. The only person missing was our beautiful daughter-in-law. Other than that the weekend was as close to perfect as it will ever get.

Thank You a million times over.


You are welcomed Little Meme. Every once in a while I give you a tiny taste of heaven like this. Kind of an appetizer of what's in store for you for all eternity. Heaven.

It will be absolutely, totally perfect forever.