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Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I'm back from my trip and very glad I went, Lord. Thank You for the opportunity to attend the writer's conference. It's just another huge blessing in my life. Thank You.

Lord, make the words that course through my mind and onto the page pleasing to You. Accept them as my offering to You. The work of my hands. The products of my imagination, Lord. Accept them as my reasonable act of worship and service to You.

I have two big projects to work on now. Help me to get the story out of my head and onto the page in a timely way. Help me as I prepare a book proposal for a devotional book, too. Guide my research and my thinking, Lord. Help me to create a book worthy of being published, a book worthy of bearing Your name.


These words-these stories and articles, prayers and persuasions-these products of your mind, Little One, I accept.

They are a sweet-smelling offering to Me. A pleasant aroma wafting from your heart to Mine.

Thank you, Little One. Thank you.