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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Web Words


I'm very excited about my new website, Lord. Yet another opportunity to write encouraging words. I pray You'll take it and use it to help other people. I pray that others will read my thoughts and be attracted to You. I pray other writers will read the words there and be inspired and ignited to write what You've called them to write.

This gift You've given to me, Lord, this ability to string words together to evoke images and emotions in those who read, brings with it awesome responsibility.

Like all the gifts You bestow on us, this one brings a duty to use the gift well. I'm ever mindful that I will someday give a face-to-face accounting to You for the way I spent each and every word.

Words gently spoken or shouted out of frustration and anger.

Words well written, thoughtful, and polished or words thrown together at the last minute.

Words well intended or thrown out without thought or regard for other people's feelings.

Words pristine and truth-filled or slimy words slathered with lies and deceit.

Words of honor and respectability or words of prejudice, insult, and injury.

Words that build others up or words that tear people down.

Words sparked by love or words fueled by hate.

Father, keep my words clean, pure, uplifting, polished to the best that I can make them. Whether they be on a screen or a page or falling on a listening ear. For Jesus' sake.


I have chosen to reveal Myself to humankind in three ways, Little One.
  • I reveal My nature, My creativity, and My power through the natural world.
  • I reveal My character, My personality, My heart, and My power through My Son, Jesus Christ.
  • I reveal My nature, My power, My truth, My character, My story through the written Word.

I invented words, you know. I wired you so that you have the ability and the desire to communicate through words. It is one of the things that sets you apart from the animals. Words are yet another of my gifts to you humans. Yet another tool to allow us - you and Me - to communicate, to relate, to converse with each other.

Use the gift wisely.