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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out Of Time


Lord, I've run out of time. I'm throwing my things in the car in a few minutes to head to a writers conference. I'll be away all week. I fully intended to spend time in prayer and post those prayers here for the week. But this happened, then that, then t'other. And now, I'm out of time.

I know from experience that it will do me no good to take my laptop with the intention of posting early each morning. That simply won't happen with the schedule we'll follow at the conference.

Good intentions. Didn't somebody say one time that the road to regret is paved with good intentions? I'm feeling regret right now, Lord.

Father, help me to live each day by priorities, not by intentions. Help me to listen for Your voice in the noises of the day. Enable me to see Your hand in the activities of the day. Show me Your plans in the interruptions of each day, please.

My time IS in Your hands, Father. Sift it. Weigh it. Use the moments You give to me for Your work, Your way, to Your glory.


Go on now. Shoo! Your priority today is to get safely to that conference. I'm going, too. So I'll meet you there, Little One. Keep your eyes and ears open this week for Me.