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Monday, May 4, 2009

One Heart for Many


Monday - my day to pray for President Obama, that You, Lord, will turn his heart away from supporting abortion and toward protecting the unborn. These invisible Americans truly are the most vulnerable members of our society, Lord.

I pray that You will work a huge change in President Obama's heart that he would seek to please and honor You, Lord God. When his heart changes his decisions will change, his strategies will change, his objectives will change. When his heart changes those who work closely with him will change their attitudes and actions also.

Lord, forgive us for destroying our own children. Change all of our hearts that we might see the unborn as children, as people, as victims of our own selfishness. Lord, save the children.

There are other issues that threaten our nation, Lord. Show us Your righteousness and our filthiness in Your Word. Convict us. Bring us in America to our knees before You.


Those who stand tall and straight on their own two feet have to travel a long way to get down on their knees, Little One. It's never an easy road down, either. Few voluntarily drop to their knees. Many must be forced into that posture. Forced under the weight of circumstances to the humility of kneeling before My throne.

Whether they serve in a position of leadership or servitude one day everyone will bow before Me. Every person can choose to either honor Me and bow before Me willingly in this life, or to honor Me and be forced to bow before Me in eternity.

It really isn't a question of if you will bow or not, but when.

Note to Readers:
I hope you will join me here on Thursday, May 7, 2009, for the National Day of Prayer for our nation. When you do, please send me a short email that just lets me know you were here on Thursday. I ask that you also make a comment on your own blog about the National Day of Prayer, or that you post your own prayer for our nation. If you want to put a link to my blog on your blogon Thursday, or even copy the short prayer in my Thursday post, feel free to do either of those things.

Thursday let's gather around the internet seeking God's healing for America.