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Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer


"I urge you, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone--for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior...I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing." [1 Timothy 2:13, 8 NIV]

Lord, I ask you to begin a work of revival in the hearts of those of us who are Christians. Show us our sins that we can repent of them. Reveal to us the ways we offend You and Your holiness. Make us keenly aware of our faults. Forgive us, Lord, for those sins.

Today I lift up the government officials of our country. I pray for President Obama, for Vice-President Biden, for each member of the Cabinet. I pray You will invade their hearts and minds and turn them to godliness and holiness.

I pray for the members of Congress to live holy lives, to surrender their wills to Yours, Lord.

I pray for the members of our Supreme Court. I pray that You will instill justice and fairness into their decisions. I pray that the laws of our country will be sensible, impartial, and will honor You.

I pray for those at the Pentagon and the decision makers in our armed forces. I pray that they will guide our military operations with integrity and wisdom.

I pray for the women and men who serve us in our military forces. Lord, surround them with angels and protect them from harm. Give them success in their missions as they live and serve honorably. Protect and provide for their families at home awaiting their safe return.

Lord, I pray for those who govern each of our 50 states. I pray that justice, fairness, and right will rule in the decisions made in each state. I pray that partiality will disappear. I pray that our laws will protect the innocent and defenseless among us. I pray they will honor You and not show partiality for the wealthy and powerful.

I pray for our justices and judges to make wise and right decisions in the courts of our country.

I pray for the men and women who serve each city, town, county, or municipality in America. I ask You to put godly men and women into those positions of power, Lord. Guide us citizens as we vote for every office. Help us to seek Your direction before we cast each ballot.

I pray for the men and women who patrol the streets of our cities, towns, and villages. I pray you will protect them from evil and give them skill, wisdom, compassion, and fairness in upholding the laws of the people they serve. I pray for those who serve as paramedics, fire-fighters, and other positions also. Protect them from harm as they serve, Lord. Strengthen their families and provide for their needs.

I pray for those who serve in our public school system and in our public social services system. Lord, give them the tools and resources they need and give them good common sense and integrity as they serve. Protect them also from harm, Lord.

I pray for the children growing up now, Lord. I pray you will protect their minds from materialism, hedonism, rationalism, and humanism. I pray that they will read and hear and believe Your Word above every other word that they might grow up with a godly mindset.

I pray for our families. Lord, wake us up! Wake us up to see the critical need for families to once again be strong and loving and good. I pray for parents to seek Your plan, Your wisdom, Your courage as they parent.

I pray for our churches and the leaders in our religious institutions. Lord, send revival to those of us who are called by Your name - CHRISTians. Draw us nearer to You so that You can bless our land.

I pray You will step into the middle of our governments and our culture, Lord. I pray You will abolish evil in our land. I pray that You will bring an end to injustice, prejudice, abortion, sexual perversion, rampant greed and self-gratification, and apathy.

Shake us. Awaken us. Slap us out of our lethargy, Lord. So that we might honor You in America and You might bless the land again.

In the holy, beautiful, powerful name of Jesus I pray.


Amen. So let it be. Oh, how I want it to be, Little One. I want to bless Your land. I want to be honored and glorified in your families, your worship, your economy, and your government. I want to bless, I really do. But whether or not I send blessings and healing is up to all of you.