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Friday, May 1, 2009

In Preparation


I was looking over my planner for the next few weeks, trying to make plans (duh! isn't that what a planner is for?) and I noticed May 7 is just around the corner. The National Day of Prayer for our nation. It seems there is a lot to pray about this year, Lord.

That was a silly thing to say. There is a lot to pray about every May, isn't there? Regardless of the town, state, province, or nation we inhabit there is much to pray about. We fallen, sinful people live in a fallen world. We are surrounded by sin and yes, we are swimming in sin ourselves.

I guess, Lord, what I mean is that I see many obvious things this year that need Your attention. We Christians would like to see our government and businesses and families and religious organizations all running smoothly according to Your principles in Your Word. But experience proves to us that this is not going to happen. And the words of Jesus and others recorded in the Bible remind us that this is not going to happen until Jesus reigns supreme on this earth.

But many Christian Americans set aside the first Thursday of May to pray for our nation. So, I've decided to invite our readers to join us here on Thursday, May 7, 2009, in praying specifically for America. Maybe they'll pass the invitation along to others, and maybe they'll write out their own prayer on their own blogs next Thursday. I hope so.

You teach us to seek the prayers of others, to join forces, and bombard Your throne with our requests. So, I hope everyone who clicks here will come back Thursday and join me as I talk with You about America.

Like I said, Lord, there are many things to pray about. And I'll be talking to you about them specifically next week in preparation for Thursday.

Issues like abortion and sexual promiscuity in our culture.

Attitudes among individual Christians and Christian churches and our responsibilities.

The institution of family in America and its future.

All government officials and our relationship to them.


I'll be listening, Little One.

Will you?