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Friday, May 29, 2009



A few days ago as I was driving past a little pond. It is home to several pairs of Canada geese in the spring and fall. I guess it's more of their "rest stop" as they migrate farther north and south. I got my first glimpse of a goose family on that drive, Lord.

Between the pond and the highway was an adult goose and 6 or 8 fluffy little goslings. It appeared that the goslings had wandered away from the safety of the pond and were close-dangerously close- to the road way.

I caught only a quick glimpse, but the adult goose seemed to be herding the young ones back toward safety.

How many times have you had to herd me back into safety, Lord? How often do I wander away from the safe haven I have in Your love and get dangerously close to hurting myself and my testimony? How many times have I just wandered around honking my head off only to have You come to my rescue. You turn me around and push me in the right direction. How many times, Lord?


Were the goslings paying attention to the adult? Or were they so busy finding their own way that they didn't even hear or see the adult goose imposing himself between the babies and the highway of sure death?

If the babies would just hush for a while, open their eyes, their ears, & their hearts to the adult who was lovingly trying to nudge them in the right direction! If only they would heed the warnings.

If only.