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Thursday, May 14, 2009

God's Word


I'm reading a new book, Lord. It's called Sitting At The Feet of Rabbi Jesus-How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith. I'm finding it very inspiring. I've long been interested in the influence of the first century Jewish culture on Jesus and His followers, and this book is filling in lots of details behind the things Jesus said and did. Thank You for bringing it across my path, Lord.

So many of us Christians tend to interpret the Bible through our 21st Century American culture. We forget that the Bible wasn't written in English. It wasn't written to US in particular.

We miss so much truth and beauty when we do that. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn about the social, economic, geographic, religious, and political settings of the Bible. But it is worth the trouble. So often You speak to me, Father, through the subtle nuances of the words of Scripture-nuances that I can only detect if I understand something about the people to whom it was originally written.

Thank You, that every single word is in Your Word for a specific purpose. Thank You for cramming such richness into every little bit of the Bible. Though I am separated from its original authors and audiences by thousands of years, and thousands of miles, You inspired its contents with such power that it can be as meaningful and powerful in my life as it was for those who first read it and heard it.

Your Word is truly a living book. A book that is applicable to many different people, many different times, many different cultures. Thank You for revealing Yourself to us through this medium of the written word, Lord.


My Word.

It is a lamp for your feet.
It is a light for your paths.
It is a sword severing truth from lies.
It is bread for those who hunger for Me.
It is powerful.
It is comforting.
It is convicting.
It is My written expression of My character and personality.
It is a mirror to reflect who you really are.

It is perfect.

It is alive.