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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Thank You, Lord, for friends. Some I've had a very long time, and they just keep hanging on in spite of my selfishness, forgetfulness, and laziness about staying in touch. Thank You for their persistent love.

Thank You for new friends, too. Some I've met in the last few weeks or months. I'm already feeling at home with them, Lord.

And thank You for my e-friends, too. People I've met maybe once, or not at all. I know them through this amazing technology. Lord, bless their families, their careers, their worship with more of Yourself in their lives.

Thank You for my friends at church, especially those in my Sunday Bible class. They've become dear to me. And the incredible women on our Women's Ministry Team. So talented and diverse, but each one has a heart for You, Lord. I'm honored to call them friends.

Help me, Father, to win new friends by being one. Help me to accept other people where they are in life, to love them unconditionally, to encourage them along, and to treat them with honor, respect, and kindness.


Friends are gifts, Little One. People who love you because they choose to, not because they have to. Everybody needs a circle of friends to help them get through life. To share the good times and the bad. To love them any-ole-how.

Kind of-just a litle bit like-Me.