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Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I believe you established three great institutions for human-kind, Lord. You established the Church as the body, the extension, of Christ on Earth. You established government for our common good. And You established families as a picture of Your relationship with us, and as the center of our human relationships. I believe it is in the family that we are supposed to learn how to be humans instead of wild beasts, Lord.

In my life time I am witnessing the crumbling of the institution of family in our culture. I'm 60 years old. These 60 years have seen "family" erode until it has become some conglomeration of people who don't have any real definition. That isn't the way You instituted "family" to be, Lord.

Your Word is filled with passages that teach us what a family is, how to be a family, what roles we should fill. Passages that give us guidelines for relating to family members with respect, love, and grace. Passages like Ephesians 5 & 6 give us boundaries for this thing called family, Lord.

Family isn't some loose association of people who share common goals. That might be a business, or a team, but not a family. Family is people who are united by love for each other, but also by laws symbolized by marriage licenses and adoption papers and birth certificates. Family members are connected by blood and by love and by respect. Families are united by ties that You established, Lord.

You already know what a family is supposed to be, Lord. We are the ones who are so totally confused about it. We are the ones who have perverted the family into a glob of undefined relationships. We are the ones who keep erasing the lines You drew around family. We are a messed up bunch of people, Lord.

I ask You to forgive us for trying to re-do something You have already done so well. We keep trying to remodel the family-model You established. And now, look at the mess our society is in.

Social ills like drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual perversions in myriad forms, divorce rates of more than 50%, theft, gangs, cheating in schools and on jobs, the erosion of a biblical work ethic, preference for welfare and crime over honest work, abortion, parental abandonment of children, senior-abuse and neglect, an epidemic of fatherless homes, parents murdering their children and spouses...

I could go on and on with the list of social ills that can all be traced back to the failure of our families. Almighty God, forgive us. Heal us. Heal US. Heal those of us who call ourselves Christians yet we lay back and float along on the stream of public opinion regarding family rather than stand on Your truth in Your Word.


Be careful, Little One. You almost started preaching there. I know all this. Oh, how I know it. I created such a beautiful picture of my relationship to you. A living, breathing picture and called it "family." But it has been bent and twisted and perverted until I hardly recognize my own creation.

Oh, My children, you can make a mess of anything. Can't you? My heart breaks each time I see your broken, twisted concept of family.