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Friday, May 15, 2009

Buried Treasure


I'm so excited, Lord! I've found another little gem in Your Word. I'm sure it's been there all along and probably thousands of other people already know this. But I just found it for myself and that makes me giggly with joy.

On Sunday mornings my Bible class and I are studying the Patriarchs. Right now we're examining Abraham's walk with You. A man of such faith, and a man of such weakness. But, then, aren't we all?

Anyway, at the end of Genesis 21 it says that Abraham planted a tamarisk tree. Now, Lord, I've learned that You never waste a single word in Your Word. So, I looked up tamarisk tree.

One interesting tidbit is that there are about 50 different types of tamarisk trees. Hmmm. Kind of like us Christians-lots of varieties.

Secondly, I learned that it thrives in salty, arid soil. Few plants can do that. Salt either makes many plants sick, deformed, or dead. But the tamarisk tree actually absorbs the salt out of the soil, then releases it through transpiration. The leaves of the tamarisk tree "sweat" salt that deposits on top of the ground under the tree.

Wow! That's such a neat picture to me of what Abraham was to do. Maybe, it was what he hoped to do, so that's why he planted that kind of tree. I'm talking in circles, aren't I?

What I mean is that Abraham was supposed to be a positive influence in the godless cultures where he lived. His presence should have been a purifying agent. He should have had such an influence that he actually changed the cultures in which he lived.

Unfortunately, that wasn't always true of Abraham.

Likewise it isn't always true of me either. Do I act as a purifying agent in my neighborhood? At my workplace? In my extended family? Or do I either blend in with the other "trees", or, worse yet, do I shrivel up and die-that is, loose my identity as a Christian-when I'm surrounded by people who are not Christians.

Am I stretching this analogy too far, Lord?


This is a perfect example of one of the things that makes My Word alive, Little One. Each Christian who studies it and pours over it can find truths buried like gems just waiting to be mined. Truths that other people won't notice. Truths that have special meaning for each individual person and her specific circumstances at any given moment.

Keep digging, Little One. There are treasures buried in the Bible you haven't even imagined yet.