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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Praise You


I've come to praise You today, Lord. Not to ask anything of You, but to praise You for all that You are.

You are love-unconditional and eternal love.
You are life - eternal life.
You are beauty.
You are truth.
You are power and strength.
You are creator of all that exists around us and within us.
You are kindness and gentleness.
You are master - and I am servant.
You are potter - and I am clay.
You are goodness.
You are holiness - completely free from sin.
You are wholeness - complete and totally self-sufficient and self-reliant.
You are radiance - totally lacking the darkness that our fallen natures produce.
You are perfection - nothing is amiss or errant in You.
You are eternal - You had no beginning and You have no ending.
You are wisdom.
You are hope for today, for tomorrow, for eternity.
You are father, and husband, and brother, and friend.
You are light - pure, white light free from any impurities and the perfect completeness of everything good and pure and beautiful.
You are our redeemer-You buy us back from the slave market of sin.
You are our eternal salvation.


And yet, I long for your fellowship, Little One. I want you in My life, in My heart. I want you to walk this short life of yours with Me. And I want you with Me for all eternity.

That's the whole reason I sent My Son into your world. To make our broken relationship right. To stretch Himself out across the chasm that separates us, to build a bridge that you might come to Me, so that we-you and I-might have an eternal relationship.

My Son, Jesus Christ.