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Friday, April 17, 2009

This week


This has been quite a week, Lord. A crazy, hectic, work-full-steam-ahead, pedal-to-the-metal kind of week for me. Last Sunday night I made a list (there I go again!) of all I need to accomplish this week. I'm working like crazy but the list isn't shrinking very quickly. And it's Friday already.

Give me wisdom, Lord, to do what must be done this week.

Give me patience to reschedule what won't be done this week.

Give me stamina to do what needs to be done -- graciously.

Give me peace to leave undone what can't be done this week or any other week.

Fill in the gaps, Lord. Make up for my weaknesses, shortcomings, and limitations, please.

I'm trusting You to accomplish in my life the things that are on Your To-Do List for this week.


Let's see:
  • Tenderize your heart
  • Open your eyes
  • Make you a blessing to others
  • Teach you how to listen -- again
  • Snatch your security blanket out from under you -- again
  • Catch you when you fall -- again
  • Shine through you

That should do for starters. Do you think we'll actually get My list finished this week, Little One? Do you think we'll ever get it finished?