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Thursday, April 23, 2009



Lord, please make me thirsty for You. Thirsty to hear from You. thirsty to sense Your presence with me. Thirsty to see Your power displayed in my life. Thirsty for that inexplicable peace You bring in the wake of tragedy. Thirsty for that confidence in You that holds me together when my life is falling apart.

I don't want to be thirsty for what You DO, Lord. I thirst for You. For Your hand on my life. For Your breath on my neck. For Your whispered lullabies in the darkness. Thirsty for Your companionship. Thirsty to know-to KNOW- that You are near.

I don't thirst for amazing miracles, Lord. Your everyday ones are enough for me.

I don't thirst for the cattle on one single, solitary hill. You are enough.

I don't thirst for wealth or health or happiness, Jesus. I thirst for You.

Drench me, Lord.


Like I said through My psalmist, David, as the deer pants for streams of water, let your soul pant after Me, Little One. Like a deer on the run from danger needs refreshing, energizing water, run for Me.

A deer fleeing for its life uses every gram of energy it has to outrun the danger. It runs and runs at full capacity until every cell of its body cries out for water.

Run after Me, Little One. I am the source of refreshing, life-giving, energizing water. I am water for every thirsty soul parched by running directionless through life like a startled deer.

But the more you thirst for Me the more refreshing our relationship will be.

Remember mowing the lawn when you were a kid? You'd push that tank-sized mower until your hands tingled from the vibration and your legs wobbled. The sun beat down on you and sweat popped out on your freckled forehead. When you started feeling light-headed you would head for the water spigot.

Remember how you'd hold the hose upright so the cool water could bubble up like a fountain. Then you'd pucker up and siphon the cold bubbly into your mouth, and let it bubble all over your face. It felt so good. So refreshing. So re-vitalizing. Invariably you would drench your face, your hair, your shirt.


I'm just that refreshing, Little One. I am the Living Water for your hot, tired soul. Drink deep. By some paradox you'll never understand in this life, I will satisfy your soul's cravings while making you thirstier still for Me.

You'll lose your thirst for those things that cannot really satisfy when you quench your thirst with Me instead.