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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of Steam


Lord, it's 1:00 AM. Not my best time of the day, or night. Not the best time for my body or my brain. And I'm hungry. And I'm tired and ready for bed. I was helping someone with something and the project kept growing larger and more complicated. Like tripe. The more you chew it the bigger and stringier and mushier it gets.

I think it's as finished as I can get it tonight, Lord. My brain is about ready to shut down. Like someone once said, "Stick me with a fork; I'm done."

I'm so glad Yours never is and You never are. You never grow weary. You don't tire out physically. Could this be because you're not physical? You don't have a flesh and blood body as we know it. You don't run out of steam spiritually or emotionally. You are unlimited, unchangeable, totally self-sufficient, supreme in every aspect.

I'm so very glad of it, Lord.

When I'm out of steam and ready to crash You are just getting started. Not just tonight. I mean in all the situations of my life whatever my need or circumstance or challenge. You are enough. More than enough. You are my source and my resource. I can always fall back on You.


When you can't do any more, when you can't stand any more, when you can't be any more--

I can. I do. I am.