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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday - One Heart


It's been 13 weeks since we covenanted together to ask You to change President Obama's heart about abortion, Lord. We're still praying. Still asking. Still seeking Your intervention. Still knocking.

Help us to remain faithful to our promises to beg You to save unborn children from being killed by their own parents, Lord. Help us not to get tired of praying the same prayer over and over. You did it in the Gethsemane.

Help us not to get bored with asking for the same thing week after week. Our attention spans are short, Lord. Maybe that's because our brains are so small compared to Yours. Our intellects are so minuscule compared to Yours. Or maybe it's because we're easily distracted. We need lots of flashing lights and marching bands to keep us focused.

This one has no flashing lights, Lord. This time there are no marching bands. It's just us on our knees and our faces before Your throne, Lord. Asking. Seeking. Knocking.

Change the heart of the one man who holds such power and wields great influence in this matter. Change his one heart so that many others will follow his lead and change their hearts, so that many tiny beating hearts will continue to function, will continue to live.


I am listening, Little One. Oh, I know you can't see Me working this one out rapidly. No flashing lights here. No Snap! and the bad guys just disappear this time.

But I'm listening. And I'm working. I'm moving.

Keep watching. It's like watching the wind, Little One. You really can't see the wind, you can only see it's affect, it's results. Keep watching and you'll see My affect on this issue. In My time you'll see the results of My working and of your prayers.