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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letting Go


I'm getting ready to attend a Christian writers' conference in three weeks, Lord. I've much to do with the manuscript I'm working on so that I can submit it for critique. Is it ready yet, Lord? I mean for other eyes to read it? I've read it 1,000 times and You already know every word in it. But is it ready for a professional to take a long hard look at it? And am I ready to hear what he/she has to say about it?

Am I ready to have someone who isn't emotionally attached to the story or to me dissect it? Am I ready to hear all the things that are wrong with it? Or am I still holding it too dear? Do I want to hear the truth so I can fix whatever makes the story weak? Or do I want to hold on to my infatuation with my own words?

The real issue is, do I want to make it good enough to be published so other people can read it, enjoy it, and be blessed by it? Or, do I want to keep holding it tight next to my heart so I can enjoy it? I guess the deeper question is this--am I writing this story so You can use it to bless and help others, or am I writing it because I enjoy writing so much? Are the hours I spend at the computer for my pleasure or for Yours?

Isn't that the basic question behind every decision I make as a Christian, Lord? Am I doing this, or stopping this, buying this or selling this for my own pleasure or for Yours?

Give me meekness and humility to search for the answer to this question over and over again, Lord. And give me wisdom to recognize when I'm holding something too dear to release it into Your hands, please.


Release it, Little One. This manuscript and all those ba-zillion things you involve yourself in. Go on now, just let go and let that thing you hold dear drop. I promise to catch it. I promise to handle it gently. I promise to use whatever you surrender to Me for the good of others. for blessing My own holy name, and for your good, too.

So, go ahead. Let it go, but don't be surprised if you get all kinds of good things in return.