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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Language of the Soul


Sunday's worship service was wonderful, Lord.

The music was incredible. We sang two of my favorites and a women's trio sang a beautiful new song. It lifted me out of the moment and into Your presence.

"Give Me Jesus" always reminds me just how simple it is to live as a Christian. Just boil all of life down to Jesus and it simplifies everything.

The choir and orchestra blessed us with Psalm 3:3 "Thou, O Lord, are a shield to me, my glory and the lifter of my head." It has become one of my favorites. I find assurance and courage in those words. Both the words and the score are thrilling and beautiful, too.

What a gift You gave us in music, Lord. It touches us physically and stirs us emotionally. It draws us spiritually toward You. It puts us in a place of peace and calm. Or it rouses us to enthusiasm and energy. It can even drag us under a sea of despair or throw us into a tizzy, if we let it. Music is powerful. And You made it that way. You made our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our spirits to respond to music. Like poetry, it is the language of the soul, I think.

Our biorhythms respond to music. It can elevate or lower our pulse and blood pressure. It can bring us to a point of exhilaration or agony, even terror. Music heals or causes pain. It soothes or agitates. It motivates or lulls us to sleep.

You are so incredibly smart, God. It sounds ridiculous for me to even say that. Ridiculous that I, with my puny intellect, would scrutinize, weigh, and evaluate Your intellect. That's like a platypus judging a beauty contest or an inch worm watching the finish line to decide the winner of a horse race.

But You are really smart, aren't You?


I'm chuckling with you, Little One. I understand what you're trying to say. You're trying to praise Me. You're trying to honor me with those feeble little language skills you have. One day when time and gravity have no more influence over you, someday, you'll speak My language. Someday you will have the words, the utterances to convey what is really in your heart about Me.

Just a blink away. A flash of lightning and you'll be set free from the limitations you now endure. In a twinkle of a twinkle of an eye you will leave the temporal behind and enter eternity with Me. And you will be like Me.

I know.

You can hardly wait.