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Tuesday, April 14, 2009



I hate technology. Oh, it's not really technology that I hate. It's my ignorance and frustration with dealing with things I know nothing about that I hate. I have the most rudimentary knowledge (like on a third grade level) of electricity. And yet, Lord, I have to periodically deal with the myriad of electronic gadgets that are in our home office.

I counted them today. Goodness, how pathetic is that? I have nothing more important to do than count electrical do-whats-its. I counted 85-eighty-five-EIGHTY-FIVE plugs and jacks that must all be connected correctly to make our office set up work. EIGHTY-FIVE. And they all converge underneath J.'s "L" shaped desk. And I am the one who has to fiddle with them when something doesn't work correctly. I'm the one on my hands and knees, under the shadow of the desk, lying on my back, holding a flashlight in my teeth, often with my cell phone on speaker talking and listening to some technical person in Taiwan or Pakistan. I'm 60 years old already!

Listen to me complain, Lord. I sound horribly ungrateful, don't I? These are 85 blessings. 85 tools that You have given us to do the things that keep our lives running efficiently and that enable us to minister to other people. 85 opportunities to touch people around the world.

And I'm 60 and still ABLE to crawl under the desk. How great a blessing is that?

I get so frustrated with myself because I really don't know how electronic things work. So, when I have to trouble-shoot I'm not really trouble shooting I'm stumbling through the dark. Then I get frustrated because I get frustrated.

It happened just the other day and I, in typical form, got agitated, frustrated, and anxious, and lost control of my usually mild mannered exterior. (I know, I'm not Clark Kent, alias Superman.)

I got mad. I flew off the handle. I exploded all over those 85 thing-a-ma-jigs and poor J.

When I finally stopped to catch my breath I saw in front of me on the desk my Bible open to Joshua. And it hit me in the face, Lord. Joshua faced impossible odds again and again. And his reaction wasn't frustration. With only one recorded exception he always faced the impossible on his face before Your altar. He always went to You to figure out the impossible.

So, I repented. I asked for Your forgiveness and Your help. "I'm desperate, Lord," I said. "I need to be rescued."

And you did it. You didn't chew me out. You didn't make me sweat a while. You put the thought in my head like a laser beam of how to fix the problem. I did what You said to do and in less than 30 seconds everything was working correctly.

I'm humbled. I'm grateful. I'm wowed by Your grace.


Were it not for grace you can see where you'd be, Little One. Living in a perpetual state of frustration and desperation. Your life would be a tangled mess like those wires. Let those disturbing emotions send you straight to Me every time, My child. I'll help you untangle the mess. I'll be waiting right there to help you every time.

That's grace.