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Thursday, April 16, 2009



I talked to my friend again, Lord. You know, the one with the life-changing decision. She made her choice and took a huge step toward implementing this change in her life. I know you are walking with her every step of the way, Lord. But, please be sure she knows it.

I don't mean knows it in her head. No, I mean, please assure her daily in her heart that You are walking this road with her. It's going to have some tough places-steep hills to climb, plummeting slides, precarious cliffs, and some horrible weather to boot.

I know, because I've walked some of those same trails myself, Lord.

But the view will be worth it, Jesus.

The companionship with You will be worth it. The warmth of Your embrace, the strength of Your arm holding her up will be worth it. The fragrance of Your suffering comforting her will be worth each danger and difficulty when she reaches the other side.


Do you remember this, Little One? You wrote it one night for someone else who was in a desperate place.

"Your Friend"

When the mountain looms steep before you,
And the blazing sun claws at the back of your neck,
When the dessert heat digs deep into your throat,
You need a Friend.

You squint in the glare and up ahead you see Me,
Blazing a trail,
Finding a foothold,
Your Friend,
Going on ahead,
Opening a way,
Making the climb safe for you ~
And for others yet to come.

And so, you take heart

And you climb on.

Could you have made it alone?
Could you have reached the top,
Inhaled the thin air of success,
And stood in awe of the amazing view ~
Without Me,

Your Friend?


Your climb was My climb.
Your mountaintop was My mountaintop.
More than once I reached down and pulled you up.
I booted you along from behind.
I threw you a rope for safety and success,
And held tightly to the other end.

And now because of Me,

My friend,

Now you can appreciate the view.