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Monday, April 13, 2009

2.25 Million

Dear Readers please click here and here for the results thus far of Red Envelope Day. We have yet to know their final impact.


Oh, Lord! I'm overjoyed. 2.25 million Americans mailed RED ENVELOPES to President Obama! 2.25 million Americans said that abortion is NOT the answer. 2.25 million Americans said responsibility for "parents" begins at conception. We're not alone, Lord. I know that sometimes we Christians feel like the prophet Elijah hiding in a cave, thinking he was the only one serving God. You whispered to him that You had 7000 others who were also on Your side.

Or like Elisha's servant when they were surrounded by the forces of Aram. Elisha prayed and You opened the servant's eyes to see Your host of angels surrounding and defending them.

You've opened our eyes, Lord. You've whispered to us that You are with us. Thank you!

Now, Lord, we continue to ask You to change the heart of one man--President Barak Obama--about abortion so that many hearts will change and many lives will be saved. We ask You to make those silent red envelopes shout conviction into his heart.


A whisper of victory, Little One. An angelic army in defense. A red ripple of hope for many lives.

Remember that ultimately the victory will be Mine. Eventually every knee will bow to Me. Every tongue will confess that I am LORD. Every evil act will cease when I reign as King on this Earth. Eventually.