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Monday, March 23, 2009



Lord, I'm stuck.

I have a bit of a dilemma and I need wisdom to find my way out of the maze. I know that You called me to write. To write stories for children-picture books. To write essays and articles to point adults to You. To write devotionals for women.

I have all these projects in my head. Many of them are on my hard drive in various stages of development. I want to fine tune them, revise them. I want to submit them for publication. But other "stuff" keeps preventing me from doing that.

I'm working on a writer's conference. It takes time.

I belong to a critique group. That takes time.

I have two blogs. If I want people to visit my blogs, I must visit their blogs. That's the way the blogosphere works. And that takes time-too much time.

I teach a women's Bible class at church and I LOVE it. I love my ladies. And I love digging into Your Word. But that takes time, too.

I take care of our grandchildren and I wouldn't trade the time I spend with them for anything. But again-they take time. When they are with me and Papa I want them engaged in fun, meaningful activities. I want to play WITH them. I want to read TO them. I want to teach them. I want them in the kitchen with me making cookies and jello and turkey sandwiches. But that kind of interaction takes time. Time.

I also periodically teach other Bible classes at church. More time.

I manage occasionally to sweep and mop, vacuum and dust, do laundry and make beds. I even manage to wash a window here and there and prepare meals from scratch. Those things are all important to me. But they take time.

I was reading through my older blog posts and I keep coming back to Your throne with this issue of managing my time. Will I never learn? Will I never get it right, Lord?

Lord, show me how to invest my time the way You want me to do it. All of these things are important to me. I believe all of these things are part of the calling You placed on my life to be an encourager to others. All of these things are good and valuable. But show me, please, which are the MOST important. And help me, please, to let go of the others.

Try as I may, I simply can't squeeze 28 hours of activity into 24 hours.


24 hours. That's My daily gift to each of you, Little One. And 24 hours is enough. Maybe you and I need to get alone for a day and talk this over. Maybe you ARE trying to cram too much into your day, your schedule, your life. Maybe you could put some of those 24 hours to better use.

I need to show you a better way. But we need to spend some time alone for that to happen. Time without noise and without distractions. Time when you can hear My quiet voice. Time for us to simply be alone together.

You've heard that it takes money to make money. Well, Little One, it takes time to make time, too. Check your planner. Let's make a date to take another look at your priorities, Little One.

The sooner the better.