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Friday, March 27, 2009



Some friends and I were talking the other day, Lord, about snakes. The conversation caused me to remember some of the run-ins I had with snakes as a child. I guess that little house we lived in when I was really young wasn't sealed tightly or something, because we were always finding snakes inside it. It was just a given that anytime we left for the evening (like to go to the drive-in movie) that Mama and us girls would all wait outside until Daddy went inside the house and checked all the usual hiding places for snakes.
I have no idea how many snakes Daddy actually killed in those years we lived there. But I know they were a constant threat.

Sort of like Satan, that old serpent. He is a constant threat to us, isn't he, Lord? No matter how long we've been saved, no matter how many times we've read the Bible through, or been baptized, or won the attendance award in Sunday School, Satan is always slithering around trying to catch us unaware so he can strike.

Your Word compares Satan to a roaring lion lurking about, searching for easy prey.

Lord, make me vigilant like my Daddy raking through the house at night. Make me always watching for any vulnerable area of my life where Satan can strike and inject his poison. Don't let me leave myself open to his attacks. Lord, show me my own weaknesses. Help me to remember that where I am weak, You are strong. Your grace is able to protect me if I'll just run to you instead of depending on my own strength or wisdom.


Yes, Little One, that old serpent is on the prowl day and night. He wants to tempt you to sin so that you'll walk right in to his trap and destroy not only your testimony, not only your life, but My good name. He wants your life to be miserable and ineffective. Don't let him do it.

Be aware of his hiding places in your life. Be on guard and keep your heart and your mind centered on Me and My Word.

Just like your daddy stood between all of you and those snakes, I and My Word will stand between you and the devices of the devil. Stay close to Me. Stay in My Word. And Satan won't be able to paralyze you and your testimony with his venom.