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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psalm 1


I'm reading Psalm 1, Lord. I ask You to make me like the Blessed Man in this Psalm.

Make me delight in Your Law, Your Word. Give me a hunger for it. Help me to find it delicious.

Help me to meditate on Your Word. Make it run like a golden thread through my thoughts all day and into the night.

Make me to grow strong and lush like a tree planted near a river. Make me to bear fruit for You. Both the fruit of Your Spirit, and the fruit of leading other people to Jesus.

Make my life lush and full and beautiful like a tree that constantly drinks from a river. Help me never to turn ugly, barren, or dry.

Make whatever I do for You and Your glory to prosper, Lord.

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Did you read the first verse of that Psalm, Little One? It says I'll bless you if you do not walk in the counsel of the ungodly. If you seek your wisdom from Me instead of from the world.

I'll bless you if you don't stop, become idle, and stand around with sinners.

I'll bless you with the things you request if you do not sit down and take your ease with a crowd of mockers, foolish people.

Then your life will be strong and straight, healthy and lush like a great tree planted near a mighty river. You'll bloom and blossom. You'll provide shade for weary people around you. You'll shield them from both the rains and scorching heat of life. You'll nourish them. And you'll stand firmly rooted in Me.