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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On Eagle's Wings


It's Tuesday and I've already driven 300 miles this week. A busy week is ahead of me still, Lord. I need to begin preparing the lesson I'll teach Sunday morning. And we'll have M. and D.L. all day today. I've phone calls to make, emails to check and respond to. Not to mention household chores. Oh! and I MUST get my driver's license renewed this week.

And at some point I have manuscripts to work on, meals to prepare, and errands to run. Birthday gifts to wrap for M.'s party Wednesday, too. And I have three manuscripts to critique before Friday. Then, packing to do for our visit to KY. Oh, my! I'm making myself tired reading through the list.

Lift me up, Lord. Bear me on eagle's wings as I try to accomplish all that is before me. Lift me over the crazy currents of my hurry-up life. Enable me to glide along with You.

Have you ever watched an eagle, Lord? Silly question-of course You have! They seem to fly so effortlessly. They pump those huge wings a few times until they find a current, then they spread their wings and literally float along with the wind. They are powerful birds that seem to glide on the air surrounding them and float over tree tops and mountain peaks. So effortlessly.

When will I learn to do that, Lord? To work hard until I find Your wind, then relax and let Your currents carry me along. That's a powerful way to live, Lord. Carried along by the winds of Your will.


They that wait upon Me shall renew their strength, Little One. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint. [Isaiah 40:31]

Are you waiting, Little One? Are you perched expectantly waiting for My commands? Waiting for My voice to give you directions? Ready to respond to My slightest nod?

Or are you pumping your wings trying to rise on your own strength alone?

Climb aboard, Little One. Let Me lift you on My eagle's wings to new heights.