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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Another Birthday!


Amazingly enough sixty years ago today I was born. It doesn't seem like sixty years, Lord. I don't feel old enough to be sixty. But, then, how old should sixty feel?

Thank You for being with me every day of it. Thank You for the parents You gave me. I know they were far from perfect, but they loved me, provided for me, disciplined me, took me to church, protected me, educated me. So many children are given so much less.

Thank you for my sisters. I'm glad we've grown up in recent years and are now not just sisters, but friends.

Thank You that, in this sixty years, the good has outweighed the bad. Thank You for the huge blessing of good health. Thank You for the humongous privilege of serving You.

I don't want to ask for sixty more years, Lord. I really don't want to put up with this body that long. But I'm looking forward to more good things for however many years You want me to stay on this earth.


Just a blink, that's all. Sixty years is just a blinking of My eye, Little One. I know you don't remember the day you were born. But do you remember the second time you were born? Do you remember kneeling in front of that pew in that big church in TN? Do you remember surrendering the life I gave you back into My hands?

Because of that moment when you accepted Jesus as your Savior you'll have an endless number of birthdays. They'll stretch out into eternity. Just another reason in heaven to celebrate forever.

Happy Birthday, Little One.