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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Recently I had a wonderful experience, Lord. Our local MOPS chapter asked me to address their group. My topic was "Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten." This topic is dear to my heart, and I had great fun researching and preparing for it. My plan was to encourage these ladies to keep doing what they're doing for their children and for the Lord. I hope it gave these precious moms hope that they aren't doing as bad a job as they think at being moms.

But the real blessing of the day is what they gave to me. I'm not sure why, but I have this fear, Lord, that I can't relate to 21st Century mommies. My ideas of parenting are still blatantly "old fashioned" and, I guess, I've presumed that they aren't acceptable to twenty-something women.

These beautiful ladies showed me that my presumption is totally wrong. They welcomed me with open arms and lots of questions. It was like I instantly became everybody's wise old grandma. The ladies surrounding me were hungry for someone "older and wiser" to let them know that they weren't completely blowing it as parents.

And we had such fun together, God.

One of the beautiful young women gave an eye-opening devotional that made me wish I had been that mature, that wise at that age.

Sitting there enjoying these lovely ladies it dawned on me that they aren't so different from my generation after all. Maybe I'm not as outdated as I thought. Maybe I can actually add something to their lives. They certainly added to mine.

You are amazing, Lord. I make presumptions. You prove them wrong. I fear "them." You have them wrap me up in Your love. Thank You, Lord, for these sweet MOPS Mommies.


It's always been my plan that each generation share their lives, their experiences, whatever wisdom they have gained, with the next generation. I don't believe in generation gaps, Myself. I believe that loving hearts can find common ground regardless of their generational differences, Little One.

Reach out to the next generation and the next. Teach them, mentor them, love them.

They can't help but love you back.