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Friday, March 20, 2009

Language of the Heart


I'm wondering if these prayer-posts are getting stale, Lord. To the readers with whom we are sharing them, I mean. I need Your help here, Lord. I need to be sensitive to what You want me to say here and when You want me to say it.

I know that my conversations with You are often personal, but I hope they are such that other people can plug themselves into these words. I hope the things we post here help other people to identify with the same needs, the same plans, the same problems. I hope these posts can help other people find the words they need to communicate with You, Lord.

I know that I'm a talker. A language person. I'm seldom at a loss for words. But so many people are not like that. They struggle to put their thoughts into sentences. They feel inadequate to converse with other people, let alone with You-the Almighty God of the Universe.

Lord, I beg You to carry these simple words into the hearts and minds of readers so they have something to hang their thoughts on. So they can say, "Oh, yes. That's how I feel, Lord."

Or maybe, "I agree, Lord. That's what I need, or want." Or, "I'm struggling there, too, God."

Sift these words before they leave my fingertips, Lord. Sift them. Winnow away the chaff. Let only what is useful to others remain.


So, you're asking Me to make the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart acceptable to Me and helpful to other people? Helping them to verbalize what they feel and think, what they need and want?

I can do that, if it is needed. But I want them to know that it isn't the words on the page or screen that count with Me. It's the intent and needs of a sincere heart that I read. Words are vehicles, mere scribbles. It is the hopes, needs, and desires behind those scribbles that touch My heart, Little One.

I don't need an interpreter or a translator. I'm multi-lingual, you know. I understand the language of every heart.