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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Will Be Worth It


I attended a beautiful women's meeting at church the other night, Lord. I've never been associated with so many beautiful women. Their spirits are sweet and good. They are kind and generous and eager to serve You and one another. I love this privilege You've given me of being a small part of the Women's Ministry at our church.

One precious lady gave her testimony thanking You and praising You for pursuing her through years of rebellion. For not giving up on her. For nurturing her through some tragic events which included the deaths of two of her children when they were toddlers. She's a wonderful, godly, loving, generous person.

Her story got me to thinking about our own son who has preceded us into heaven. For the first time I was able to think of him not as my baby, but as he'll be the next time I see him. He'll be my brother, and I'll be his sister. Our love for each other won't be hindered or diminished in the least by that change in relationship, will it, Lord?

No. We'll experience for all eternity a perfect love for each other that is deeper and wider and stronger than anything we could imagine here on this earth. We'll love each other eternally as brother and sister in Your incredible family.

And we'll both love our bigger, older brother, Jesus, with a love that is beyond our wildest dreams.


Oh, Little One. You've come so far. I know that being separated from Stephen was the worse pain you've ever experienced. I know you've missed him terribly. I know it has been a slow process of healing.

And I know it's been a pain that has brought you running into My arms many times.

It will be worth it, Little One. It will be worth it when we are all together for eternity. I promise.