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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hope In God


Lord, someone I love dearly is struggling today. She's wrestling with a decision that she doesn't want to make. It's a life-altering decision, I know. My heart is feeling her pain, Lord. She's hemmed in on every side. She has no good options. Whichever choice she makes will be painful to her, to her children, to her husband.

Lord, help my friend to fall back into Your everlasting arms. She's so weary from the emotional struggle she's been living with. She's fretting, wringing her hands, crying until she has no more tears to cry. Grasping at straws. And still has no idea what to do.

Lord, help her to reach out and grab a hold of You and Your Word. Remind her to turn to Your Word, not her friends and family, for wisdom.

Her heart is melting like wax, Lord. Strengthen her for the battle. Encourage her with Your courage. Guide her into the least worst choice. Protect her, her beautiful children, and her spouse.

Lord, draw her to Your side. Pull her in close and hold onto her tightly.


Emotions are such fragile things, Little One. Yet they are so fierce. They can make shreds of your life. Keep telling your friend to hope in Me. When all hope seems gone, hope in Me. I can - I will - wrap My arms around her and walk with her through this fire. And I will carry her safely to the other side. I will be her shield, her rear guard, and, when this battle is over, her reward.