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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Again!


Two birthdays in a row. We are so blessed, Lord. Today is J.'s birthday. He's now seven years old. I'm so proud of him. He's in the middle of first grade and doing such a wonderful job of it.

He's his daddy's little man, too, Lord. And his daddy, D. loves it that way. I remember when D. was in Iraq. J. constantly worried about when his daddy was coming home. He said so many times how much he missed D. And how badly he wanted Daddy to come home soon. The afternoon they were all reunited is etched in my memory. J. latched onto his dad and didn't let go until he fell asleep snuggled under Daddy's arm late that night.

Lord, thank You for such gracious gifts as You have given to us. Five wonderful grandchildren. Each one is unique, including J. He was such a chubby little baby. Cute as a bug's ear, as my Mama would say. And a real wiggler! Changing his diaper was always a wrestling match.

Now he's growing up to be tall and handsome. He has a wonderful imagination. He plays hard and learns quickly. He's funny, too. And very tender-hearted.

And boy, do I love it when he wraps those little arms around my hips and looks up into my face.

"I love you, MeMe," he whispers.

Thank You, God for gifting us with J. I don't take this privilege lightly, Lord. And I don't take Your generosity for granted. Thank You. Make me a godly grandmother, please. Remind me to seize every opportunity to point J. and his siblings and cousins to Christ. I hope the thing he remembers most about me is that I love him, and I love Jesus.


Never under estimate the power of your influence in J.'s life-in all of their lives. Pray faithfully for them all. Love all of them generously. Hold each of them in your arms every chance you get, and in your heart every moment you live.

Being J.'s MeMe is more than a privilege, Little One. It is an awesome responsibility. But don't fret over it. Let me help you. If you do, you'll be the best MeMe J. could ever hope for.