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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conversing With God


There's a passage in the book Honest To God? by Bill Hybels that I highlighted the first time I read it (years ago). I keep going back to that passage, Lord.

It says:

Christianity is a supernatural walk with a living, dynamic, speaking, personal God. Why then do so many Christians live inconsistent, powerless lives?

Authentic Christianity begins with spiritual authenticity--a vital, daily relationship with Jesus Christ. But a vital relationship with Jesus Christ takes time--not leftover, throwaway time, but quality time for solitude, contemplation, and reflection....

I see the pace [of life] and wonder where the still, small voice of God fits in. When do we slow down and meet with Him? When do we seek His wisdom and direction? When do we enjoy a life-changing conversation with the God of the universe? When is there time?...

To build authentic relationships with Jesus Christ, we have to declare war against whatever worldly entanglements keep us from daily fellowship with Him. We have to buck the agendas and values of society and slow down long enough to commune with Him. [from pp. 13-15]

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That's what I'm trying to do with this blog, Lord. I want to encourage my readers to buck the world system that has us in its strangle-hold; to slow down and commune with You throughout their day; and to chisel out a specific time and place each day to hear Your voice.

I want to beg You to make it happen, Lord. But I strongly suspect that this, like humbling ourselves, is something You expect each of us to do ourselves.


Time is a precious commodity for all of you, Little One. It speaks volumes to Me about your love and commitment to Me when you create the time in our schedules for conversing with Me. For listening to Me.

If you won't do it, then I can, and often times I do. I can put you in situations and dilemmas that force you to kneel before Me. I don't want to do that. I don't like to do that. But I will.

It means so much more to Me if you kneel willingly, if you speak to Me and listen to Me because you want to. Listening, really listening, to another being is one of the greatest gifts you can give, Little One. To another human being, or to Me.

Your time and attention--your own special gift from you to Me.